POSEIDON HOTEL is a golden opportunity for those who want to plan their own entertainment and have a holiday with a rich and active way of life experiencing both adventure and tranquility.
You can visit the special beach and pier of POSEIDON HOTEL to enjoy the unique sea and the sun from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and undoubtedly it become one of your most loved spots.
Poseidon Hotel introduces a new taste selected from the World cuisine classics to their guests every day.

Specially designed honeymoon rooms; Special honeymoon room and dinner table decoration; Our married guests will be very well welcomed with a fruit platter and wine and they will experience the most special and unforgettable honeymoon of their marriage in Poseidon Hotel.
Marmaris central is an appropriate starting point to go to the ancient cities for a day-trip. Vehicles such as private cars, minibuses and buses can be used for day-trips.
If you want to relax a bit, professional hands at the wellness center are awaiting you. We guarantee that you will enjoy the massage and be pleased with it.